Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, USC School of Dramatic Arts could not create typical productions. Therefore, I submitted a proposal along with a fellow student suggesting telling various stories of the USC community virtually through various art medias. I acted as a concept creator, curator, and designer for the project. You can watch the full experience at https://www.hiddenstoriessc.com/

In terms of design, For "Masked Madness," I acted as a conceptual scenic designer, costume designer, projection design collaborator, I ran the camera remotely for filming, acted as a co-director for remote filming, and managed our prop needs, directed set dressing, and assisted in film editing and sound design for the final video.

For "Love or Survival" I was in consistent communication with the submitter of the story, I created the various slides and animations in photoshop, worked with the voice-over actor, and edited the video together. 



Final plates and sketches at various stages of digital design work from Costume Design I offered at USC. Clothing constructed in Costume Construction offered at USC.



Scenic designs and models done in Scenic Design I and Conceptual Theatrical Design classes offered at USC



Various sketches and paintings completed while at USC